We're joined in this episode by Dr. Martin Reinhardt to discuss a unique project focused on what decolonized foods look like & how these diets impact health. When foods aren't easily available at the grocery store, how does that change your relationship with your food, and what are the health effects of these dietary changes.

The Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP) was an exploratory study of the relationship between people and indigenous foods of the Great Lakes Region. Very few studies have ever been conducted on this subject matter, and studies that examine the physical, cultural, and legal/political dimensions are practically non-existent.

This research program is being led by Dr. Martin Reinhardt, Assistant Professor – Center for Native American Studies at Northern Michigan University and is being supported by the USFS and Cedar Tree Institute.


The results can be found at:  https://na.eventscloud.com/file_uploads/0c98117111bd526196a14015c8f3489f_Reinhardt_Day3_1020am.pdf


The Decolonizing Diet book is available at the Northern Michigan University bookstore:




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